Vehicle Tracking
For extra help when your car goes missing

What is Vehicle Tracking?

A tracking device can help to track and recover a hijacked or stolen vehicle. Since it reduces your risk, it might lead to a lower vehicle insurance premium.


This product is purchased at your dealership of choice or directly from a tracking supplier. Discuss tracking devices with your dealership sales or *F&I advisor.

How will Vehicle Tracking benefit you?

Vehicle recovery assistance
Lower insurance premiums
Certified log book

Sales Line
Product disclaimer

* Please refer to your relevant service provider agreement for all the limitations, terms and conditions that apply to the fitment of your device and policy.

* F&I is a term used to describe the finance and insurance officer at a dealership. These professionals are certified and trained to offer you advise on purchasing a vehicle, extra added value products and insurance. They are there to answer any questions you may have and assist you during a vehicle purchase.