Warranty Booster
Grab some extra cover – you never know what life has in store

What is a Warranty Booster?

The Warranty Booster gives extra cover to components covered on your Renault Warranty. It can be added to your vehicle finance or paid for monthly. This warranty can be transferred with the Renault Warranty to the next owner.


This policy is only available through a once-off purchase option and can be purchased at your dealership of choice. Discuss this warranty booster product with your dealership sales or *F&I advisor.

How will this Warranty Booster benefit you?

Increases resale value
Qualified Renault technicians take care of scheduled services
Renault parts

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Which components are

Differential lock
Transfer box
Turbo assembly
Management system
Electronic ignition
Cooling system
Wheel bearings
Braking system
Fuel system
Electrical components
Electrical winch
Prop shaft
CV Joints
Front wheel hubs
Steering mechanism
Cylinder head gasket
Drive pulley
Viscous and electrical fans
Electric motors (sunroof)
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How do you use
this product?

The administrator of this policy, M-Sure

will assist you every step of the way.

If you become aware of a mechanical breakdown or electrical failure

you need to report it to M-Sure within 7 days.

Submit a claim to M-sure by

Calling – 0860 329 729;
Emailing – claims@m-sure.co.za;
or Visiting: https://www.m-sure.co.za.

Once your claim is approved

you will be required to take your car to an approved repairer within 7 days of getting approval.

In order to submit a claim easily you will need

Your name and contact details;
Your policy number and Your car’s current kilometre reading.

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Product disclaimer

Only vehicles younger than 2 years that have done less than 40 000 km and have an existing Renault warranty qualify.

*F&I is a term used to describe the finance and insurance officer at a dealership. These professionals are certified and trained to offer you advise on purchasing a vehicle, extra added value products and insurance. They are there to answer any questions you may have and assist you during a vehicle purchase.

**The above list is for illustration purposes only. Only key components shown above. Download the guide for a quick summary on this product. Terms, Conditions and Limitations apply. List correct at time of publication. E&OE.